Sunday, August 21, 2011

Sheen Kaaf Nizaam’s Shayari–I

I recently got hold of two Ghazal collections by Sheen Kaaf ‘Nizaam’: “रास्ता ये कहीं नहीं जाता (Raasta ye Kahin Nahin Jaata) [This Road Leads Nowhere]” and “सायों के साए में (Saayon ke Saaé mein) [In Shadows’ Shadow]”. Both of them have more or less the same set of Ghazals apart from the 25 or so that appear only in the former. Also, the extra materials in them are different; former has दोहे (Dohe) and the latter has नज़्में (Nazmein). So, it doesn’t feel like a total rip-off!

I’ve thought of compiling the most beautiful Shers (to me) in a few posts along with my English translations of them in the upcoming months. But today I present a full Ghazal. This Ghazal (in my opinion) is about small, almost insignificant things happening around you that when noticed (consciously or unconsciously) give you pleasure. This is very much the spirit & essence of Sketchbook and so I dedicate the following Ghazal to fellow Sketchbook readers specifically Louie W.

In the translation below, I’ve used “he” & its derivatives as implied in the original Shers. But if you’re ‘picky’ like PJ, you are free to substitute “she” & its derivatives as you read along. But before you read it, go through this disclaimer for your own good, which is also accessible by clicking on the tab marked “Shayari” on the top of this page.

Let’s Start Now (with thanks to DQ for proofreading the translations):

रास्ते में वो मिला अच्छा लगा
सूना-सूना रास्ता अच्छा लगा

Raaste mein wo mila achha laga
Soona-soona raasta achha laga

Met him on the road, Felt so good
The solitary lonely road Felt so good

उस ने जाने क्या कहा अच्छा लगा
रूकते रूकते बोलना अच्छा लगा

Us ne jaane kya kaha achha laga
Rukte rukte bolna achha laga

What did he really say? Felt so good
The slow stammering talk Felt so good

अपना चेहरा आज क्या अच्छा लगा
बादे-मुद्दत आईना अच्छा लगा

Apna chehra aaj kya achha laga
Baade-muddat aaeena achha laga

My face today, how it Felt so good
After ages the mirror Felt so good

कितने शिकवे थे मुझे तक़दीर से
आज किस्मत का लिखा अच्छा लगा

Kitne shikwe the mujhe taqdeer se
Aaj kismat ka likha achha laga

I had endless gripes with fate
Today destiny’s writ Felt so good

मुझ में क्या है मुझ को कब मालूम है
उस से पूछो उस को क्या अच्छा लगा

Mujh mein kya hai mujh ko kab maloom hai
Us se pucho us ko kya achha laga

When do I know what lies in me
Ask him about what he Felt so good

उस की सूरत से लगा मुझ को 'निज़ाम'
उस को मेरा देखना अच्छा लगा

Us ki soorat se laga mujh ko ‘Nizaam’
Us ko mera dekhna achha laga

His face hints me, ‘O! Nizaam’
To him, my glance Felt so good

-शीन काफ़ 'निज़ाम' (Sheen Kaaf ‘Nizaam’)

Here’s a video with SKN’s recital of first $3$ Shers, which are technically called मतला (Matla), of the above Ghazal (they are at the very end):

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