Monday, September 26, 2011

Lucu Lucu

is Lucifer. I finally figured that out at the very end of the manga. When only 2 or 3 chapters were left to read, ‘that’ page (I’ve forgotten which one now!) reminded me of Neil Gaiman’s “The Sandman” and the name “Lucifer” popped up in my mind. Anyway, the manga got a little fast-paced towards the end (after 6th volume) and a lot of (or few) questions were deliberately left unanswered while the author (or Lucu Lucu) ‘kept winking’ at the reader to figure it out by themselves! Not a bad ending for a series that had a ‘Slice of Life’ feel.

Speaking of endings, Nichijou (the anime) also ended yesterday after 26 hilarious episodes. It’s ending was a pure ‘Slice of Life’ ending and the fourth wall was never broken in an attempt to convey the end of series, which was done in Sketchbook with too many blatant cues that I felt like crying (metaphorically, not literally). This means I’ve to update my Anime/Manga list once again…

Speaking of reminiscences, here are four lines (most probably they qualify as Shers) cooked up by my (cousin?) sister (identified as R in this post):

हर लम्हा हर पल एक याद बन जाता है
खुली किताब में एक किस्सा बन जाता है

Har lamha har pal ek yaad ban jaata hai
Khuli kitaab mein ek kissa ban jaata hai

Every moment gets memorized
As an anecdote in an open book

जीने को तो हरदम जीते हैं इस एक पल में
ये पल यकीनन उसका हिस्सा बन जाता है

Jeene ko to hardam jeete hain is ek pal mein
Ye pal yakinan uska hissa ban jaata hai

Lives are spent in this one moment
Each moment is trapped in its nook

-विषालिका (Vishalika)

The last line in her original version of the second ‘sher’ was too long along with an explicit mention of the ‘book’. I replaced it with the pronoun ‘its (उसका)’ and removed other ‘clutter’ to shorten the line. Since she ‘liked’ the ‘mutilated sher’, the meaning must have not been lost in transition. (At least in the Hindi version; I didn’t show her my English translations!)

If you want to read ‘pure & high-quality’ Shers, check out the

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