Thursday, January 26, 2012

Volume 8

of Sketchbook is now in my possession. More specifically, Sketchbook 8 [Limited Edition] w/ Illustrated Tote. YOO0000000°°°°°……

Let me take you through the unpacking of the package worth $(24.04 → 24.42 → 24.79 →)25.04, which arrived from Japan in 15 days:

Sealed Package

Unsealed Package

Unsealed Package w/ Contents

I was expecting Kate to be on the cover of this volume and she indeed is! Next would be the President and then finally, we’ll see Ooba as the Cover-girl. Wait, the two Sensei’s could have their turn before her… Well, we’ll have to wait.

Contents in Bubble-wrap

Contents in Plastic-wrap

Contents Freed

Tote Bag Freed

Sora & Mike on the Bag

I was expecting the whole Art Club to be here… Oh well, next time!

Now let me take a sneak peek inside the volume. Since I don’t understand the script, I will have to wait (to fully understand the strips) till the Scanlators get started on this volume (or I could bug my Superpartner to translate for me… should definitely give it a try!). But the beauty of Sketchbook is its simplicity and all this ‘tension’ is almost unnecessary as the following pages illustrate:

Sketchbook v8ch102pg3

Sora tries to suppress a whirlpool… Natsumi is confounded as usual.

Sketchbook v8ch102pg7

Natsumi & Daichi let their Kuro & Inuo meet… and hilarity ensues?

Sketchbook v8ch102pg9

Nagisa is trying macro photography… with not so great results!

Best of Luck to You, anyway!