Saturday, October 6, 2012


That’s what Sketchbook’s just-released 2 chapters are… Jam-packed with jocular situations! Though Sora doesn’t appear till the very end of the second chapter, other club members along with Minamo take a great jab at the job of delivering endless jokes!

Here are 3 sample strips from those 2 chapters (it was very hard picking these out of the equally hilarious other strips):


I wish I could take compliments as well as Juju Sasaki! Sad smile


Hahaha… “that person!” This strip made my day! Winking smile


Considering I now own a tripod too, this strip has hit more than one spot! Smile

When my superpartner first read this strip, She thought Nagisa was trying to click some shots in the air. When I heard of that, I could hardly contain my contempt-filled-laughter and told Her so: “Sketchbook is not your cup of tea”!

She didn’t like that… She Really didn’t like that! So I thought I would give Her some space in this post to make up for my bragging (which I even do on my G+ profile). She says, “I particularly like this strip:


because it reminded me of the Engineering days, when students who were not part of any Club or Department were called something similar to the ‘Going Home Club’. The beauty of this strip is the expression in the last panel.”

Anyway, care for some more