v4.2.1 Release 10b got a splash screen:

v4.3 Release 11 introduced the ability of hiding numbers in the 'Balance Summary' using '×' button placed on the top right of the table. It improved the execution of 'Transfer' toolbar button and 'Reorder...' & 'Export' menu items! It also introduced some enhancements in the area of keyboard shortcuts. Other minor cosmetic changes had also been showered here & there.

v4.4 Release 12 introduced a new icon and splash screen:
It also streamlined the Java wrapper for the MATLAB executable so that the startup time shown now are the most accurate compared to the previous versions. A new beginning was made in this release by providing separate 32-bit & 64-bit programs, which would be updated accordingly. In the program itself, the uninstall option was stripped and other minor cosmetic changes / improvements were incorporated.

v4.5 Release 13 added a new button 'Insight' under 'Tools' menu, which gives some random insights about the currently loaded file. It attempted to fix the minor (but highly-irritating) and long-existing bug in the execution of 'Transfer' & 'Search' but the bug just refuses to go away! Other minor GUI improvements (incl. speech) were made.

v4.6 Release 14 was compiled and packaged entirely from within MATLAB R2014a so that there would be only one executable file to run. This choice was made because the new compiler adds splash screen to the program itself and not just the installer.
This also sadly meant that the Java wrapper was not used anymore to display the startup time on the login screen. The minor bug in the execution of 'Transfer' & 'Search' still remained and no other (minor) tweaks were made in the code.

v5.0 Release 15 was a major overhaul of the GUI so much so that resizing of the window was possible! It was compiled using MATLAB R2015a which sadly meant one had to deal with a new (and larger than before) MCR. I do not go into details of the update to the GUI here(!) but it did fix (hopefully) that infamous bug in the execution of 'Transfer' & 'Search'. Also, one could now enter valid mathematical expressions (like 49+117) in the 'Amount' box and the result (that is, 166) got stored as the amount. Other minor bugs might also have been squashed or introduced.

v7.0(.1) Release 16(A) was a Major Upgrade! See this post for all the changes / updates introduced in this release. This version was compiled with MATLAB R2016a and no reference to 'x64' was made anywhere.

v7.5 Release 17 was a semi-Major Upgrade! See this post for all the changes / updates introduced in this release. This version was compiled with the new MATLAB R2017a (so new MCR needs to be downloaded again!).

v7.6(.1/2/3) Release 18(A/B/C) is a minor upgrade. It introduces a new Selection dialog box (like the new Input dialog box(es) introduced in the previous major updates) which is mainly used for the '(Dis)Associate Users...' menu item. While combining a single file, categories can now be separately chosen. Cell selection in 'Balance Summary' has been slightly updated. Other minor bug fixes (including in ExChanger) and cosmetic improvements are barely noticeable. This version is compiled with MATLAB R2017a/b (so may have to download MCR again!).